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Get Free V.I.P Treatment in Clubs, Bars, Restaurants easy

Hey guys! In this post I'm gonna show you how to get VIP treatment infires nightclubs an restaurants or start with not cops on in Halong party cruise . Now especially, I believe that if you really want to get that the AP treatment, you have to build connections with people warp endorsed by some people who run those places. For example you know barklow, owners, managers. But also you know thestock like waiters, waitresses ,bartenders and security guards.

So before delving deeper into this, I'm going to share with you my personal story.
A couple years ago I went to my like a and order to learn Spanish. Now is to the doing it in traditional
way. I decided to learn Spanish solely for interactions with local people. So basically when I through to my like I said to myself orogeny from now on it's on the Spanish. My Spanish is was very limited, I decided I'm going is on Spanish. I'm gonna learn French interactions with local people in
nightclubs, on beaches. I on the street basically walking around talking to people.

So from time to time, I'll go to this place called Los Alamos. I was on a switch at amazing beach bars
and basically do why did it was you know. I would Golder around nine or 10 p.m. when all the beach bars were already open. What to do or not too many people. Because you know Spanish people path to go to parties very late. Basically I would use it to my advantage out woke up two security guards and I would build connection with them. So just woke up to a bunch of you know but you've also said. I would say something like "hey guys what's up" and I would you start in Spanish in my
broken Spanish at that time "hey guys what's up". It was going on tonight is there any party going on unknown. Speak about you know the party don't tell me couple things and at some point to ask me "dude, where are you from". Because they could hear that I had different accent that I was making mistakes. I tried by the way sorry for the South the background well then you know the ask you some questions until the run from out and back.

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